About Me

Aidan Ulloa is an 18 year-old Afro-Latiné designer from Los Angeles, California. Ulloa has been a long time creative since childhood, but at the age of 13, they ventured into digital art and graphic design. In April 2020, they would later consider using these pre-established skills to make clothes, getting the idea to start a brand. They started out spray-painting on t-shirts and other items at 16, but eventually found out how to get clothes printed through a friend online in 2022. Since then, Ulloa founded their ready-to-wear brand Båraks Setulmen (2022), and for the past two years they’ve been designing and creating a multitude of clothing and accessories for Båraks Setulmen and their second label Kasernbosättning (2022) under the pseudonyms Dominique Asentamiento and primarily, Båraks “B” Setulmen.



"B. Setulmen's First Ever Interview," NOVEMBER | Substack, May 2023